Lion Bite Force: How Strong Is a Lions Bite?


With their towering manes, searing stares, and distinctive roar, lions have been the symbol of power for centuries. But just how powerful are lion bites?

The lion has a deadly bite force of 650 psi. While this may seem like a powerful bite force at first, the lions surprisingly have one of the weaker bite forces when it comes to big cats and predators. However, this weaker bite force doesn’t affect a lion’s ability to hunt its prey.

This article will cover the bite force of the lion and how it compares to the bite forces of other big cats in the jungle. 

Lion on the grass with its mouth wide open

A Lion’s Bite force

The lion’s average bite force has been recorded to be around 650 PSI. When comparing this to a human’s bite force of a mere 150 PSI, this may look extremely strong, but lions have a weak bite force compared to the bigger cats. 

A lion’s most substantial bite has been estimated to be close to 1000 PSI. The strength of the bite has to do with many different factors as well. The maturity and age of a lion are essential factors, coupled with the sex of the lion and what teeth it uses. 

While female lions are usually the main hunters of the pride, a male lion sometimes joins in to take down larger and stronger prey. 

It’s understandable how the lion doesn’t have the strongest bite force, but then the question presents itself, how did the lion rise to be the king of the jungle? 

The answer here lies in technique. Lions attack the throat, generally a weaker area of an animal, and don’t require a massive force to kill their prey.

Lion Bite Force Compared

Being the king of the jungle comes with a lot of comparison and competition.

At times, it may be other bigger cats or hyenas posing competition and trying to fight the lion for power or a dead carcass of prey. 

Other times, it may be an article comparing a lion’s bite force to other predators in the jungle. 

1. Bite Force Compared To Tigers

Tigers are one of nature’s finest and deadliest predators in the world. Ferocious and ruthless when it comes to hunting its prey.

A tiger’s bite force is estimated to be an average of 1050 psi; that is almost similar to the bite maximum bite force estimated for a wholly grown male lion which is 1000 psi but far greater than their average. 

The superior bite force of a tiger makes it understandable why a tiger prefers hunting alone because, with a bite force that strong, few animals can survive a tiger’s attacks. 

2. Bite Force Of a Great White Shark

With the release of the highly acclaimed movie Jaws in 1975, the great white sharks became famous as the big bad predators of the ocean. It would be fair to compare the bite force of a lion with the great white shark. 

Unfortunately, accurate measurements are difficult to come by, with some estimates as low as 625 psi and others as high as 4,000 psi.

If you thought measuring the bite force of a lion was difficult, try adding the underwater element into the mix.

Great white shark with its jaws wide open breaching the water

3. Bite Force Of a Dog

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but their bite force is dangerous. Generally, dogs can bite with a force of 325 PSI

However, some bigger breeds of dogs, such as Mastiffs, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers, have a bite force closer to 500 PSI.

Although this might not feel that strong at first, a dog’s smaller size makes it difficult for them to have a stronger bite force.

Final Thoughts on Lion’s Bite Force

The lion is a highly magical creature that oozes class with every feature it possesses. It is distinguishable, and being the jungle king comes with many scrutinies. 

A lion has a bite force of 650 psi, and although it may not be as powerful as the bite force of other big cats, it is essential to realize that the lion is efficient with its jaw and bite force.

Lion with mouth wide open


How Do Lions Have Such a Powerful Bite?

A lion’s jaw and teeth are designed to help tear and annihilate its prey. A lion’s skull is thick and extremely strong, which helps the lion support the muscles which make its bite so powerful. 

What Do Lions Eat?

Lions hunt a lot of different animals to keep themselves satisfied. A lion’s prey could be zebras, buffaloes, elephants, and rhinos. Most prey that hunt is bigger and have thick skin, so lions prefer to hunt in pride and take down their prey together. 

What Are the Different Types of Teeth a Lion Has?

A lion has three major types of teeth that it uses to hunt and eat its prey. The carnassial teeth are used to tear and shred prey, the canines are the sharper teeth that help kill the prey, and the incisors assist in gripping the food and chewing it efficiently. 

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