Why Are Lions King Of The Jungle?



Lions are typically known as the “King of the Jungle,” but how did they earn this title? Why are lions king of the jungle?

Lions are known as the king of the jungle due to their incredible strength and versatility. They don’t actually live in the jungle, they prefer the savanna, but in their domain, they have no natural predators and fear no animals. In Hindi, the word Jungle means “not an inhabited place.”

In this article, we’re going to look at how the lion earned the title of King of the Jungle.

Lion standing on rock and roaring

4 Reasons Why Lions Are King

The term king of the jungle originates from Hindi and doesn’t have the same meaning as its direct translation.

While a jungle in English means “an area of land overgrown with dense forest and tangled vegetation, typically in the tropics.” 

In Hindi, the word means “not an inhabited place.” In this context, the saying, a lion is the king of the jungle, makes a lot more sense.

Here are four factors that make the lion the king.

1. Fearlessness, Power, and Strength

Lions are the most fearless animals in the wild. They are ready to take every challenge and fight because of their predatory and fierce nature. 

When lions hunt in a pride, their teamwork, focus, and excellent management, along with sheer power and unmatchable strength, make them undefeatable. 

And this attitude is enough to put them at the top of the food chain in the African savanna.

2. The Intimidating Mane

Lions possess a mane like no other. Lions are the only species in their genus, with a mane

Their mane indicates power, the bigger the mane, the more powerful a lion looks and is an indicator to all predators to stay away. 

Having a darker mane means the lion is ready to fight any competitor or challenger and can mate with any female in his pride. The darkness of the mane represents the testosterone levels in a male. 

Another reason that makes lions unique with a mane is that while fighting, the mane protects them against attacks on their neck.

Majestic male lion with mane

3. The Loudest Roar

Lion’s roar can reach up to levels of 114 decibels and can be heard over many miles, approximately 4-5 miles. 

A lion’s roar is missing in many other cats, making them distinctive, and due to this, all their adversaries know to avoid the area when a roar is heard.

4. Skill To Command His Pride

When a lion becomes the leader of his pride, he has the attitude of a leader. He is the boss. Without his instructions, his pride cannot do anything.

He patrols his territory, guarding his area against threats. 

He keeps an eye on every movement in his area. He protects the other lions and cubs from competitors, sleeps the most, and after the lionesses are done hunting, nobody dares to eat the feast unless the lion is done eating.

Are Lions Better Than All Other Cats?

On a bigger picture, lions are the “best” of all the cats

They can run swiftly. They are muscular and smart, and they have an attitude like no other cat does, and because of this, they are called kings.

But in what manners are they better than other cats? Let’s find out.

1. Incredible Strength 

Lions are almost unmatchable in strength. They are the second strongest cats after tigers. 

They can rip apart an enemy in the blink of an eye thanks to their immense strength. 

A lion is a bit smaller than a tiger, but its bone strength is more than that of a tiger. So they can have swift movements, and their bones can carry a lot of stress and weight.

2. Fast and Agile

When talking about speed, lions are only second to cheetahs.

Lions, with speeds of up to 50 mph (80 kph), can’t compete with the top speed of a cheetah at 70 mph. 

But they are faster than other big cats, and can easily out-muscle a cheetah.

3. Impressive Jumps

Mountain lions and snow leopards are known to be able to reach extraordinary distances when they jump, but the lion, again, is no slouch in this regard. 

An adult lion can jump up to distances of 11-12 feet. Due to this ability, they can jump to climb trees and rocks and access higher areas.

Lion jumping

Crossbreeds of Lions

Other species, like leopards, jaguars, tigers, etc, are capable of interbreeding with lions. Lions have been crossed with other cats to produce offspring for business or scientific purposes. 

Some popular crossbreeds include. 


Leopons result from cross-breeding between a male leopard and a female lion. In nature, it is a very rare sight to see, so these are produced in labs or captivity. 

These offspring have a head that resembles a lion but the body of a leopard with patterns on it. A Leopon tends to share the same attributes as a leopard.


Ligers are a crossbreed in which a male lion breeds with a female tiger, resulting in a relatively large in size and heavy species called ligers. 

They are sluggish, slow, and unfit for the wild as they result from forced cross-breeding. 



When a male lion mates with a female jaguar, the result is a liguar. Liguars are rarely known as they happen very seldom. 

The offspring have patterns on their body, with the basic background color of a lion’s skin. 

The Real Place Where Lions Rule

Lions are more likely to be found in grasslands rather than dense jungles. It is because they like open lands and places.

They want to have a wider range to locate prey, which is impossible in jungles. So they really are the kings, whether it’s the jungle or the grasslands.

Final Thoughts On The King Of The Jungle

Lions are undoubtedly the kings of the jungle because they have the best traits and qualities of many species combined in the genus Panthera.

They are strong like tigers, fast like a cheetah (even though they are not a species of the genus Panthera), agile and smart like leopards and jaguars, and most importantly, have an attitude like no other cat. 


Why Aren’t Elephants King Of The Jungle?

When it comes to becoming a king, attitude matters rather than size. A lion has a mindset to attack; when it sees prey, it’s hunting time for his pride, no matter how big the prey is. While elephants have a more docile attitude.

Why Is The Lion King Of The Jungle And Not The Tiger?

Lion is called the king of the jungle because he has leadership qualities and he knows how to lead a group or pride. Tigers are more solitary animals and lack the complete traits that give the lion its title of king.

Which Is Stronger, A Lion Or A Tiger?

Tigers are stronger than lions, but lions hunt in groups called a pride. A pride of lions may be able to overpower a single tiger, but in a one-on-one altercation, the tiger holds the advantage. Luckily, as these animals do not really share the same habitat, altercations shouldn’t occur.

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