Bornean Orangutan

Common Name: Bornean Orangutan
Scientific Name: Pongo pygmaeus
Type: Orangutan
Classification: Mammal
Diet: Frugivore
Height: 120 – 140 cm (47.2 – 55 inch) (at the shoulder)
Weight: 30 – 100 kg (66 – 221 lb)
Top Speed: 6 kph (4 mph)
Life Span: 45 years in the wild, 60 years in captivity
Migration Habit: Does not migrate
IUCN Redlist Status: Critically Endangered
Population Trend: Decreasing
Bornean Orangutan

Bornean Orangutans are Mammals that are a species of Orangutan. Their scientific name is Pongo pygmaeus.

These Mammals are Frugivores, and groups of Bornean Orangutans are known as a -.

Bornean Orangutan Habitat

Bornean Orangutans can be found in Asia, namely in Indonesia and Malaysia.

They strive in habitats like tropical moist forests.

Bornean Orangutan facts 🦧 native to the island of Borneo

Bornean Orangutan Young

These Orangutans mature at the age of 14-15 years. Once matured, Bornean Orangutans can have one young after a gestation period of 274 days.

Bornean Orangutan young are called infants and, like most animal young, are extremely cute.

Oregon Zoo Welcomes New Bornean Orangutan Baby

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