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Komodo Dragons usually reside in lowland grasslands that are hot and dry. They are ferocious predators and need a proper set of teeth to get the job done. But if you glance at their mouths, it may seem like they have no teeth at all, so what gives?

Komodo dragons have up to 60 incredibly sharp, one-inch or approximately 2.5 cm long teeth. Teeth that are lost or damaged are regularly replaced, which is unique to Komodo dragons. In their lifespan, Komodo dragons might go through four or five sets of teeth. They can rip out enormous pieces of meat, which they swallow whole.

Since Komodo dragons don’t show their teeth visibly like crocodiles and alligators, most think they don’t have teeth. This is untrue; Komodo dragons do indeed have teeth, and very vicious ones at that; thick, mushy gums only hide them.

Komodo dragon running with mouth open to catch its prey

The Komodo Dragon’s Set of Teeth

A Komodo dragon’s dental anatomy is a thing of wonder. From the venom ducts behind their gums to the sharp and serrated teeth they use to slash their prey, everything about Komodo’s are unique. 

Their set of teeth is unique when compared to most animals in the world. 

60 Razor Sharp Teeth

Komodo dragons have 60 sharp teeth concealed under the gum of the giant reptiles. 

There is no other reptile with a dental architecture like the Komodo dragon’s, making it one of the world’s rarest. A komodo dragon’s gums are so thick that they fully cover its teeth, creating the impression that it is a toothless lizard. 

Their teeth frequently penetrate the thick skin of their gums when they bite. So dental damage is common, and it heals by itself.

Komodo dragon open mouth close up

Size Of Different Teeth (One Inch)

Thanks to their long teeth, komodo dragons can tear into the flesh of enormous animals like water buffalo and deer.

Their teeth can expand to one inch, and all teeth are identical, so they naturally grow the same size. Their shapes and lengths can vary throughout a Komodo’s lifetime due to constant wear and tear.

The Komodo Dragon is known for its forked tongue and serrated teeth. 

Komodo dragons pull and shear flesh away from the body of the prey due to the way their jaw is structured. The serrated teeth with sharp ends help the dragon have a killer bite.

Types Of Teeth 

Komodo dragons are among the few species that hunt prey larger than them. They only have one type of tooth, which is designed for slashing rather than chewing.

Instead of chewing their food, these lizards swallow it whole and later vomit the inedible components.

Their teeth point backward, which is the most effective way to rip through their prey.

A Komodo dragon’s razor-sharp teeth dig deep when it grabs hold of some flesh. The enormous lizard shakes its head back and forth to cut off the flesh. 

Komodo dragon with jaw wide open

Regrowth Of Teeth (4 to 5 Sets)

In their lifetime, Komodo dragons may go through as many as four to five sets of teeth in their lifetime. Komodo frequently breaks or loses their teeth, and that is why they go through close to five sets of teeth.

Instead of crushing prey, their teeth are designed to cut away flesh.

While they have sharp teeth, they don’t stay the same throughout their 30-year lifespans.

Moreover, their teeth are fragile and aren’t meant to crush animals. Since they use their teeth to attack their prey, it leads to many teeth breaking. 

This is why growing new teeth is essential to the diet of Komodo Dragons.

Final Thoughts On Komodo Dragon Teeth

Komodo dragons have one of the most interesting dental anatomies in the animal kingdom.

Don’t be fooled by their toothless-looking mouth because behind their gums lie teeth that can slash through the skin easily.

With up to 60 razor-sharp teeth and powerful venom, you don’t want to find yourself on the end of a Komodo Dragon bite. 


Do Komodo Dragons Bite Humans?

Komodo dragons rarely hunt people, but if they feel threatened or cornered, they will defend themselves. Young Komodo dragons typically flee from people.

What Are the Komodo Dragon’s Sword Teeth?

Komodo dragons have a sword-like tooth structure. The description is accurate because they have 60 crescent-shaped, sharp teeth along their jaws. Komodo dragons have relatively small teeth—less than an inch long—for their size.

Are Komodo Dragon Teeth Poisonous?

The teeth of the Komodo dragons are not poisonous. Instead, it’s their saliva. The bite of a Komodo dragon can be extremely harmful. However, even if the bite does not immediately result in death, it can lead to sickness since the Komodo dragon’s saliva is poisonous.

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