• Cheetah

    Acinonyx jubatus


    • Vulnerable
    • There are an estimated 9000-10000 left in the wild worldwide

    • Africa, southwestern Asia

    • Length: 4-4.5 ft long
    • Weight: 80-140 lbs (50-64kg)

    • Savannahs

    • Gestation Period: 3 months
    • Female usually gives birth to 3-4 cubs.
    • The rearing and protection of the cubs is left entirely up to the female.

    • Gazelles,zebras, wildebeest, small mammals, and birds

    • World’s fastest land animal that can reach speeds between 70 and 75mph (only for a short period of time)
    • Large heart, large nostrils, flat aerodynamic head, and a flexible spine act like a spring to aid cheetah speed
    • The name cheetah comes from a Hindi word meaning “spotted one”
    • Females are solitary animals except for when they are mating or taking care of their cubs
    • Males live in small groups called coalitions which usually consist of 2-4 brothers
    • The cheetah is the only cat that can’t retract its claws, this helps with traction
    • Unlike all big cats cheetah can purr but cannot roar
    • The extremely rare “King Cheetah” is differentiated by it’s striking coat pattern of very large spots and stripes.
    • Spots aid in camouflage and black tear lines aid with sun glare

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