• Striped Hyena

    Hyaena hyaena



      • North and Northeast Africa, the Middle East, and Asia


      • Length: 3.2 to 3.9 feet
      • Tail length: 10 to 14 inches
      • Weight: Weight: 49 to 121 lbs

      • Arid steppes, dry rocky brush, and acacia scrubland

      • Both sexes become sexually mature at 2-3 years old
      • Gestation period: 88 to 92 days
      • 1-5 young are produced from every birth

      • Omnivores
      • Primarily scavengers, will readily consume carrion and the remains of kills of other predators, using its powerful jaws to gnaw and crush bones
      • Have been known to eat dates and melons.

      • Females are dominant over males.
      • The mongoose and the meerkat are the hyena’s closest relatives.
      • An adult hyena’s bite pressure can reach 800 pounds per square inch.
      • They are excellent diggers often digging dens under rocks
      • Have beautiful mane down their dorsal of their back which they can raise and lower when excited
      • If attacked a striped hyena may play dead
      • They have large territories up to 15 square miles
      • Not as aggressive as their spotted cousins


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