• Orangutan

    Pongo pygmaeus


    • Critically endangered

    • Borneo and Sumatra

    • Standing height: 4 to 5 ft (1.2 to 1.5m)
    • Weight:
      • Male: 200-250+ pounds
      • Female:100-150 pounds

    • Tropical rain forest

    • Gestation period is between 233 and 263 days.

    • Females becomes sexually mature at the age of 7 and will remain fertile for the next 25 years.
    • Males become sexually mature at the age of 8.

    • They eat over 300 different kinds of fruit, as well as bark and leaves, young shoots, insects and an occasional bird egg or small vertebrate.

    • Known as the gentle, red ape
    • Largest tree dwelling animal in the world
    • Dominant males develop cheek flanges or pads and throat pouches and enable the males to make loud calls
    • Males are usually solitary, but mothers and their young share a very strong bond.
    • Said to be the most intelligent of the Great Apes
    • Orang” and “Utan” are the Malay words for “Man” and “Jungle”
    • Have been known to make and use primitive tools such as umbrellas, and masks to protect them from bees when they search for honey, and recently even sharpened sticks to fish with

    As education is a cornerstone of our mission,
    this awareness video was created by Junior Intern, Naomi M., age 14

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