• White-Handed Gibbon

    Hylobates Lar



    • Endangered

    • Southeast Asia

    • Weight: 10-25 lbs
    • Length: approximately 3 ft
    • Females are slightly smaller

    • Forests

    • Both sexes reach sexual maturity from 6-10 years old
    • Gestation period: 7.5 months
    • 1 young born per birth

    • Fruit, leaves, buds and blossoms, tree ants and other insects, snails, small vertebrates, nestlings, and bird eggs

    • Live in family groups including parents and up to three juvinile offspring
    • Their territory is marked by song. This duet, sung every morning and evening, is said to be the most beautiful sound of any alnd animal; it broadcasts precise information on the species and sex of individuals, the area occupied by the adults and the presence of sub-adults ready to form a new pair
    • The smallest ape species
    • The world’s greatest acrobat
    • Fearlessly swing from tree to tree as far as 50 yards apart and 200 feet high at a speed of 35 mph
    • Monogamous
    • Pairs sing the same duet every morning, which is said to be the most beautiful sound of any land mammal


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