• Warthog

    Phacochoerus aethiopicus

    • Least concern

    • Africa

    • Height 30 in. to shoulder
    • Body length up to 60 in.
    • Weight: 130-265 lbs

    • Grasslands, woodlands, and savanna

    • Breed during the rainy season
    • Gestation period: 170-175 days
    • The female normally gives birth to 2-5 young, which are hairless throughout the first week.

    • Mainly grasses and herbs, but also tubers and bulbs 

      • Warthogs live in small groups called sounders, which usually consists of one or two females and their young.
      • During fights, the males use their upper tusks and snouts, not their lower tusks.
      • The warts on their faces help prevent their eyes from injury.



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