• Toco Toucan

    Ramphastos toco

    • Least Concern

    • South America

    • Height: 22-26 inches long
    • Weight: 20.0 oz (550 g)

    •  Woodlands, Savannas, and Plantations


    • Parents share incubation
    • The females usually lays 2-4 eggs per year
    • Young toucans are born with a small bill that grows to full size after several months
    • Nest in tree holes


    • Fruit, Insects, Small Reptiles, and Frogs

    • These birds are poor flyers, causing them to hop from tree to tree
    • Toucans use their large bills to gather food as well as to peel fruits
    • One mating ritual includes throwing fruit to one another using their large bills




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