• Dusky Titi Monkey

    Callicebus Moloch


    • South America; found in strip along base of Andes from Colombia to Bolivia and Paraguay; Brazil south of Amazon


    • They have a gray to red/brown coat, with a grayish long tail. The under-parts, inner limbs and sideburns are orange and their face-markings are sometimes a strikingly different color

    • Length: 11-14 inches
    • Weight: 1.9–3.0 lbs

    • Rainforests, forests, and highly vegetated areas

    • Gestational period is 155 days
    • 1 young is born for each pregnancy; young stay with the parents until they are 2-3 years old

    • Fruit and insects

    • The male carries young
    • They are monogamous animals, which meant they mate for life
    • They live in pairs or small family groups (parents and 2-3 young)
    • Right after dawn the dusky titi pair can be heard singing a “duet”. They do this with their tails intertwined. It is a way of maintaining their social bonds as well as proclaiming their territory.
    • Can often be seen sitting side by side giving tail hugs by intertwining their tails like a peppermint stick
    • They are diurnal (more active during daylight) and arboreal (adapted to life in the trees) 

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