• Thomson’s Gazelle

    Eudorcas thomsonii


    • Near Threatened


    • Kenya and Tanzania


    • Height: Male: 23-28 in. Female: 23-25 in 
    • Weight: Male: 37-64 lb. Female: 29-53 lb.

    • Grasslands and plains

    • Both males and females reach sexual maturity any where from 19-21 months
    • Gestation Period: 5-6 months
    • Females usually give birth to 1 young per birth.
    • The calves remain hidden away from the mothers for a few weeks, with the mothers returning only to nurse.
    • If food supplies are good, a female may conceive again within a couple of weeks of giving birth. Births take place year-round.


    • Shrubs and grasses

    • Thomson’s gazelles live in buck or doe herds of up to 100 individuals, or mixed groups of up to 700.
    • Thomson’s gazelles are one of the three migratory species that make up the vast Serengeti migration. Like the zebra and the wildebeest, there may be in excess of 500,000 in the migration.



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