• Lowland Tapir

    Tapirus terrestris

    • Vulnerable

    • South America

    • Length: Up to 6 feet long (1.8 meters)
    • Weight: 550 lbs (225 kg)

    • Rainforest and wetlands

    • Gestation period is about 13 months
    • A single calf is produced from each birth

    • Fruits, plants and seeds

    • One of the most distinguishing features of tapirs is their long, flexible proboscis, formed from the upper lip and nose, which is used to strip leaves and pluck fruits.
    • Mainly solitary animals except for mating season
    • A mammal that has remained unchanged for almost 35 million years
    • Relative of both the rhinoceros and horse
    • Babies have white spots and stripes
    • Uses its flexible miniature trunk much like an elephant to cool off, rid themselves of parasites, or avoid predators
    • Are excellent swimmers, able to submerge for several minutes
    • They communicate with loud squeaks and hiccup noises



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