• Cotton Top Tamarin

    Saguinus oedipustamarin picture

    • Critically Endangered

    • North west  Columbia

    • Weight: 0.9 pounds (Male), 0.95 pounds (Female) 
    • Length: 8 inches
    • Tail length is 12-17 inches 

    • tropical forest edges and secondary forests due to deforestation

    • Both sexes reach sexual maturity between 15-18 months
    • Gestation period: 6 months (140 days)
    • 2 young born per birth, once a year 
    • Offspring becomes independent in only 2 months

    • Insects & fruit
    • Due to their light body weight, cotton top tamarins have access to hanging tree fruits that many other species do not

    • One of the smallest primates, it is estimated that only 2,000-3,000 individuals remain in the wild
    • Important seed disperser in tropical forests of Columbia
    • While life span in the wild is ~ 13 years, the cotton-top tamarin can live up to 24 years in captivity!
    • Fathers take care of the offspring and practice the cooperative breeding and rearing
    • The species has been known to base decisions on “economical” factors
    • Cotton-top tamarins will not experience regular ovulation cycles unless they are in the proper social environment
    • They have claw like nails on every digit, excluding the big toe
    • Cotton Top tamarins obtain the water they need by licking leaves that are wet with rain or dew, rather than expose themselves to predation by venturing down onto the forest floor


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