• Squirrel Monkey

    Saimiri sciureus


    • South America

    • Males: 700-1100 grams
    • Females: 500-750 grams
    • Length: 10-14 inches
    • Tail length: 14-17 inches

    • Rainforest

    • Gestation period: 6 months
    • 1 young is born per birth
    • Females become sexually mature at age 2.5 years old
    • Males become sexually mature at 4-5 years old

    • Omnivores; spiders, bird eggs, young birds, tree frogs, flowers, buds, seeds, leaves, tree gum, fruits, sap and nuts.


    • Squirrel monkeys can live up to 20 years
    • Arboreal although occasionally descends to ground
    • Can be found in troops from 12-100
    • They distribute a musky glandular secretion throughout their fur (especially on tail) as scent to mark territory or to leave a trail for others of the troop to follow as they go through the trees. This odor turns away hunters who might otherwise kill them for food


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