• Southern Tamandua

     Tamandua tetradactyla



    • Least Concern 
    • Mexico, central America and South America


    • Length(head to tail): 13 – 35 inches
    • Weight: 7-19 bounds
    • Length of prehensile tail – 15-26 inches 


    • Tropical rain forest, savanna and thorn scub


    • Females reach sexual maturity from 2-4 years old
    • Gestation period is4-6 months long
    • One young is usually born for each birth


    • Ants, termites, insects


    • A smelly scent gives tamanduas the nickname: “stinkers of the forest.” The animal can spray a foul smelling secretion said to be four times more powerful than a skunk’s
    • A tamandua’s stomach was found to contain more than one pound of ants
    • at 91 degrees Fahrenheit, tamanduas have one of the lowest body temperatures of any active land mammal
    • Tamanduas are sometimes used by people living in the Amazon to rid their homes of ants and termites


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