• Red River Hog

    Potamochoerus porcus


    red river hog-Optimized

    • Least Concern

    • Africa

    • Height: 22-31 inches
    • Weight: 99-250 lbs

    • Rainforests, Marshes, and Savannas


    • Gestation Period: 120 days
    • The females have litters of 4-6 piglets
    • Both males and females reach sexual maturity at 18-21 months old

    • Roots, Bulbs, Fallen fruit, Eggs, Insects, Small reptiles, Birds, and Mammals

    • Red River Hogs are very social animals, making it necessary for them to live together in groups as large as 20
    • They use their tusks to dig up food from the ground
    • Males and females mate for life
    • Males play an active role in caring for and protecting their young



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