• Ostrich

    Struthio camelus

    • Least concern

    • Africa 

    • Height:  1.8 to 2.75 m (6 to 9 ft)
    • Weight:63 to 130 kg (140–290 lb)

    • Semidesert, Desert

    • Both sexes reach sexuality maturity after 2-4 years
    • Incubation Period: 35-45 days
    • Female lays her eggs in a communal nest made by the male
    • Females incubate during the day while males incubate at night

    • Seeds, leaves, grasses, forage on trees, and sometimes small animals


    • Fastest animal on two legs
    • With their great eyesight and hearing, ostriches warn other animals of approaching predators
    • Ostriches only use their wings for balance when they are running
    • Can kick hard enough to kill a lion
    • Male courts female by bowing his head and waves his feathers towards the female


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