• Youth Programs

    Zoo School

    Ages 6-12


    Themed Zoo School Days are designed to open up a whole new magical world of learning and interacting with some of the planet’s most heart-warming, intelligent, and playful animals. Through participating in hands-on activities such as creating snacks and feeding the animals, Nature’s Classroom, games and building enrichment toys for the animal to enjoy, our LEO Family’s children and grandchildren will have an amazing experience that will allow them to see animals in a completely different way. We hope that participating in a Party for Primates and Awesome Animal Adaptations will challenge the LEO Cubs to learn new things and share their knowledge with their peers, friends and family. These special days will also allow children to utilize the hours they spend helping take care of the animals as fulfillment for community service hours.

    Zoo Teen

    Ages 13-18

    Although this Junior Internship program embodies the same mission of educating its participants, this program takes learning and interaction to the next level. By shadowing one of our knowledgeable and talented staff members,  Junior Interns will take a on a larger role by helping to prepare food, create habitats, and care for our animals. They will walk away from the program with a greater understanding of how our conservation and breeding program works and what we are doing to create and sustain our center. We aim to provide an incredible, hands-on experience for all of our interns, which will increase their awareness of the endangered animals or, possibly spark an interest in a career in wildlife preservation. We can also help arrange for students to fulfill their community service hours.

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