• Memorial and Tribute Donations

    A meaningful way to honor or remember someone special.

    A unique way to support LEOZCC is through a memorial or tribute gift. Memorial gifts serve as a heartfelt expression of sympathy by honoring the memory of someone special. Make a tribute gift to honor, remember or celebrate someone in your life or a special occasion. Common recipients of tribute gifts include loved ones, family members and colleagues. By making an tribute gift, you can dedicate the gift in support of conservation, animal care and education. We will notify the honoree with a personalized card acknowledging your gift. We do not inform the person of the amount of your gift, only that we have received it from you.

    You can contact us with the details of your memorial or tribute gift, including the name of the person in whose name you want to make the gift, the occasion (if any), and contact information for the person who should receive the gift acknowledgement. Please remember to include your own name and address so that we can give you the proper acknowledgement of your gift. Memorial and tribute gifts are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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