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    Give the gift the keeps on giving!

    Making a donation in lieu of gifts is a fantastic way to include and inform your friends and family about your interest in supporting LEO Zoological Conservation Center.  There are several occasions for which this donation could be utilized including birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, graduations, and weddings. It’s a WILD way to celebrate your special day while also helping to support our mission.

    If your donation exceed a certain amount, you may be eligible to come visit the conservation center!


    In Lieu of Gifts

    Tired of gift overload? Instead of registering for gifts, designate that donations be made to LEO Zoological Conservation Center. See below for information about how to do this. When inviting individuals to your celebration, inform your guests of your donation recommendation, why, and how they can participate.

    Here is an example of an incredible girl named Jordana helping the center through her Mitzvah Project:


    In Lieu of Party Favors

    Make a donation in place of giving party favors. Inform your guests of this at the event. You can create a place card for each table seating or place several large announcements around the party room or at a designated table thanking guests for their attendance and letting them know you are honoring their presence with this donation.

    Dollar Dance

    The dollar dance is a popular custom at many weddings. Traditionally, guests who wish to dance with the bride or groom pay a fee to further help the new couple begin their life. Instead of the couple receiving it, the money is donated to the LEO Zoological Conservation Center. Please be sure to announce this to your guests.


    If you prefer to collect donations in person, please ask that checks be made payable to Lionshare Educational Organization.  When your fundraiser is complete, you can drop your donations off at the Zoo in person or send them by mail (checks and money orders only) to the following address:

    LEO Zoological Conservation Center
    404 Taconic Ave
    Greenwich, CT 06831

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