• Grevy’s Zebra

     Equus grevyi


    • Endangered


    • Northern Kenya and southern and eastern Ethiopia


    • Height: 4-5.5 feet
    • Weight: up to 900 pounds
    • Length(head to tail): up to nine feet long


    • Arid grasslands and dusty acacia savannas


    • Females reach sexual maturity from 2-4 years old
    • Gestation period is 12-13 months long
    • One foal is usually born for each birth


    • Grasses, shrubs, bark, roots and stems

    • The total wild population is probably fewer than 6,000 animals
    • The Grevy’s zebra is the largest wild member of the horse family
    • Males are highly territorial, claiming prime watering and grazing areas with piles of dung called middens
    • Non-territorial males travel together in groups of two to six animals 
    • Fossils reveal that Grevy’s zebras ranged at least to Egypt (and perhaps beyond Africa) until about 6,000 years ago


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