• Fennec Fox

    Vulpes Zerda

    • Least concern

    • Northern Africa, throughout the Sahara Desert, East to the Sinai Peninsula and Arabia

    • Length: 4-16 inches
    • Weight: 3-3.5 lbs
    • Ears are usually 4-6 inches long

    • Desert and semi-desert

    • Reach sexual maturity from 6-10 months
    • Gestation is approximately 50 days
    • Usually 2-5 young per litter

    • Mostly carnivorous, they eat insects, snails, lizards, rodents, birds, and eggs. But they have been also known to eat fruits and berries.

    • Life span 10-12 years
    • Their large ears provide them with such good hearing that they can locate prey underground
    • Smallest fox in the world
    • Huge ears act as an air conditioning system as they dissipate heat
    • Thick blond fur offers camouflage in their native Sahara desert sand and keeps them warm on cold nights
    • The bottoms of their feet are covered with fur to protect them from the hot sand
    • Unlike other foxes, Fennecs do not admit any odor


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