• Colobus Monkey

    Colobus Guereza


    • Central Africa

    • Height: 18–27 inches
    • Weight: 12-32 lbs

    • Forests and grasslands

    • Gestation from 4.5 – 5.5 months

    • Females: 6 years
    • Males: 4 years

    • Leaves, fruit, flowers, and buds

    • In traveling from tree to tree, these animals often perform spectacular downward leaps of 15-20 feet, during which the long shoulder hair acts like a parachute, fanning out to help check the animal’s descent
    • They live in troops led by a strong male who usually covers the troop’s retreat. Immediately after birth the mother holds the young to her underside. The mother carries the young in this manner for about eight months. Other members of the group frequently help by carrying the infant.
    • Unlike many animals, fighting rarely occurs during breeding season. Instead, males and estrous females withdraw from the troop and engage in a “communal marriage” of short duration.
    • Babies are born white
    • Colobus comes from the Greek word meaning “mutilate” because they have no thumbs
    • Use tree branches like trampolines and can leap almost 50 feet
    • Make loud guttural noises

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