• Clouded Leopard

    Neofelis Nebulosa 


    • Vulnerable

    • Once spread across Southeast Asia  (from Nepal to Southern China), the four subspecies of clouded leopards are now found in Nepal, Burma and Indonesia.

    • Length: body length 4-6 feet, the tail makes up half this length!
    • Weight: between 22 and 50 pounds
    • average lifespan in captivity: 17 years (in the wild; 11 years)

    • primary evergreen rainforests at elevations up to 8,000 feet
    • also found in secondary, logged forests, grasslands and swamps

    Mating season: in captivity, typically between December and May

    • Average litter: 1-5 cubs annually
    • Sexual Maturity: 2 years old

    • Carnivore: small animals ranging from birds to small monkeys to wild pigs
    • Clouded leopards primarily hunt from the ground but they can drop down on prey spotted on the forest floor if they are resting in the trees.

    • Clouded leopards are solitary and elusive: little is known of their behaviors in the wild as they are incredibly challenging to study.
    • Clouded Leopards are the best climbers of the cat family with specially adapted ankles, long tails and stout legs.  They can climb upside down and down trees head first!
    • Clouded leopards, similar to snow leopards, can neither purr like small cats, nor roar like big cats!
    • Clouded leopards are adept swimmers and comfortable in water!
    • It is challenging to breed clouded leopards in captivity because males tend to kill the females during mating.
    • Clouded leopards are extremely rare with an estimated 265 individuals worldwide in captivity, 118 in the United States

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