• Bactrian Camel

    Camelus bactrianus


    • Threatened


    • Asia, particularly the Gobi Desert

    • Height(head to hoof): 10 ft
    • Weight: 1320-2200 lbs

    • Desert and steppes

    • Gestation period: 12-14 months
    • 1 young usually produced per birth
    • Young are called cria
    • 1 young is usually produced per birth

    • Females: 3-4 years
    • Males: 5-6 years

    • Leaves, grasses, and shrubs

    • Two humps
    • Have long eyelashes to protect them from the sand of their usual desert habitat
    • Sealable nostrils to keep out the dust and sand from frequent sand storms
    • Two broad toes on each foot with undivided soles and are able to spread widely, to make it easier to walk on sand
    • Have a long wooly coat which can range in color from dark brown to sandy beige
    • Can go for several months without water but when it is available to them they can drink up to 57 liters
    • When they full and healthy their humps stand plump and erect, but when their resources are in short supply their humps shrink and lean to the side
    • Can drink up to 30% of their body weight at one time
    • A pregnant female has the ability to raise and lower its uterus to protect the unborn calf from extreme ground temperatures


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