• Black and White Ruffed Lemur

    Varecia variegata


    • Critically endangered

    • Eastern Madagascar

    • Height: 4 ft- average
    • Weight: 7-10 lbs
    • Rain forests

    • Gestation Period: 99-102 days
    • Over half of the births are twins, and the remainder are single or triplets.

    • Sweet fruits, bananas, insects, small birds, eggs, occasionally small mammals.

    • Ruffed lemurs have a very loud call, which might be described as a roar and that can be heard from a long distance.
    • Lemurs rely on their sense of smell as a way of communicating with other animals.
    • They have special scent glands on their wrists and bottoms that leave scent trails on branches to mark their territories.
    • They are quite social and the groups have clearly defined male and female hierarchies. Most communities number 2-5 individuals, but can reach up to 16.


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