• Binturong

    Arctictis Binturong


    • Vulnerable

    • South-east Asia

    • 24-38 inches long
    • Weight: 22-31 lbs

    • Dense forest and jungle

    • Binturong usually mates twice during the year, once in February and April, and the other in July through November
    • Gestational period from 90-92 days

    • Females: 30 months
    • Males: 27 months

    • Omnivores
    • Hunts small reptiles, birds and mammals
    • Majority of diet is fruit


    • Nocturnal animals
    • Very vocal animals and their calls can be heard miles away
    • Solitary animals
    • Arboreal animals that spend almost all their lives in the trees
    • They have a musk gland, which is how they locate one another; smells like popcorn

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