• Bat-Eared Fox

    Otocyon megalotis


    • Least concern


    • Eastern and Southern Africa


    • 18-26 inches long
    • Weight: 6-9 lbs


    • Dry, short-grass savannas and brush
    • Dig den holes and have several in their territories


    • Gestation 60-75 days
    • 2-6 pups in one litter


    • Females: 18 months
    • Males: 6 months


    • Termites (which it licks up from the ground)
    • Grasshoppers, scorpions, spiders, millipedes, rodents, lizards, fruits, and eggs


    • A male fox is called a “dog,” a female is a “vixen,” and babies are called “kits”
    • Monogamous
    • Live with their offspring and as offspring mature they go off on their own
    • Live in two distinct populations, one in east Africa in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Sudan and one in southern Africa
    • Mate for life and pairs form very strong bonds
    • Bat-Eared Foxes live in dens they dig themselves or take over and enlarge the dens of other animals
    • They are diurnal in the winter and nocturnal in the summer as protection against the fierce heat in their surroundings
    • They are more social than other fox-like canids in that they hunt in family groups and do not leave their young behind
    • Bat-Eared Foxes are very shy, but curious
    • To escape from predators, they rely on speed and an amazing ability to dodge
    • They can reverse direction at a flat-out run without losing any speed
    • They have 48 teeth, 6 more than any other members of the dog family, no one knows why
    • Rabies, distemper and human activity are the main source of the Bat-Eared Foxes decline
    • In Botswana, they are hunted for their pelts


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