• Armadillo

    Tolypeutes matacus



    • Vulnerable

    • South America, central and eastern Bolivia, northern and central Argentina 

    • Length: 12 inches
    • Weight: 2.0-3.5 lbs

    • Grasslands, Wetlands, and Forests

    • 120 day gestational period
    • 1 young is born for each pregnancy; young stay with the parents until they are 72 days old
    • Offspring are born fully mature

    • Ants and Termites

    • Lifespan: 7-15 years
    • The only species of armadillo that can roll itself completely into a ball
    • The skin between each of the three bands is very flexible to allow for motility
    • Armadillo head plates are unique to each armadillo, similiar to human fingerprint (in Spanish, armadillo means little armored one)
    • They have hoof-like claws for feet
    • Primarily solitary animals except during breeding season
    • Hard shells provide great insulation, allowing armadillos to stay active during cold weather



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