• African Penguin

    Spheniscus demersus





    • Endangered


    • Southwestern coast of Africa


    • Height: 24-27.5 inches
    • Weight: 4.4-11 lbs


    • Cold-water, off-shore habitats


    • Lay 2 eggs in self-made burrows in the ground
    • Incubation Period: 2-4 months
    • Parents take turns protecting and incubating the eggs
    • Both males and females reach sexual maturity at 2-4 years old


    • Small fish


    • There are less than 140,000 African Penguins left in the wild
    • This species can hold its breath for 2.5 minutes
    • African Penguins have pink glands above their eyes used for thermoregulation
    • The only penguin species found on the African continent
    • African Penguins can swim up to 12.5 mph and travel up to 44 miles between each trip
    • Males and females remain partners for a lifetime




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