• Aardvark

    Orycteropus afer




    • Declining Population

    •  Africa

    • Height: 24 inches
    • Weight: 90-145 lbs

    • Forests, Grassland
    • Hide in self-made burrows to keep cool during the day


    • Gestation period: 210 days
    • Produce 1 newborn per year
    • At 6 months of age, the offspring begin to live on their own
    • Give birth in self-dug burrows

    • Ants, Termites and other Insects


    • Their name in Afrikkan’s language means “earth pig”
    • This nocturnal animal’s tongue is protractile, sticky, and 12 inches long
    • With their claw like nails, an Aardvark can dig a yard of tunnel in approximately 5 minutes
    • They have an excellent sense of hearing and smell
    • Aardvarks are great swimmers, and swim well in strong currents
    • Aardvarks will travel several miles a night in search for termite mounds
    • Although this rare species may not be considered threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the expansion of human population, habitat destruction and hunting pose constant threats to the well-being of Aardvarks


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